Pelco Net5301T

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The NET5301-TC transcoder converts MPEG-4 video from the Endura® network into formats that are compatible with public networks with limited bandwidth, such as a local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), or the Internet. Endura technology provides high quality digital images by using high resolution, high frame rate video streams. These video streams exceed the bandwidth capabilities of most connections to the Internet. When the bandwidth capabilities of the public network are exceeded, the transcoder converts the video to meet the requirements of clients communicating through the public network. The transcoder works in conjunction with the GW5000 Endura gateway, which determines whether the Endura video should pass through the transcoder before being placed on the public network. The transcoder accepts one stream of video from the Endura system. Video output from the transcoder is either MPEG-4 or JPEG format. The resolution of the MPEG-4 output frame is dynamically variable between 2CIF, CIF, and QCIF formats or the PAL equivalent. The image rate is dynamically variable between 2 ips (images per second) and 30 ips. The output will never have a higher resolution or frame rate than the incoming video stream. JPEG resolutions include 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF, and QCIF formats at a maximum of 30 ips (NTSC) or a maximum of 25 ips (PAL). JPEG resolution and image rate are not dynamically variable.

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