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DVI ADD2 Graphics Adapter Card

DVI ADD2 (PCIE) Adapter Card for Intel i915G-based Business Desktops
DY673A Intel DVI ADD2 adapter for dc7100 SFF, dx6100 and dx6210 ST
DY674A Intel DVI ADD2 adapter for dc7100 CMT, dc7600 CMT and SFF, dx6100 MT and dx6120 MT


The DVI ADD2 is an Advanced Digital Display 2 (ADD2) adapter card that offers a convenient, low-cost method for connecting a DVI digital display to the graphics controller of an i915G-based mainstream or high-end desktop PC with a vacant PCIE x16 slot. The adapter card is based on the Silicon Image Sil 1364 Transmission Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) transmitter, offering high quality visual experience with a rock solid, crystal-clear display.

The adapter card plugs into the PCI Express x16 slot of a PC with an ADD2-compliant chipset, such as the Intel i915G. With the card installed, the PCs VGA connector is still available for a conventional VGA monitor so that both displays can be used simultaneously in a clone-mode or in an extended desktop configuration.

The HP DVI ADD2 card is the lowest-cost solution to allow DVI connectivity on most Intel-based Business Desktop PC's.

The DVI ADD2 card is a single-link DVI-D solution operating at up to 165MPs to support all resolutions from VGA to UXGA.

Key Benefits
  • Enhances Intel's Extreme Graphics2 integrated graphics solutions by providing an all-digital DVI-D graphics connector.
  • Adds low-cost support for DVI-D devices, such as digital flat panels and projectors
  • Allows an attached DVI-D display to work with or independently of a display connected to the VGA port integrated on the motherboard

The DVI ADD Card (part number DY673A) is compatible with HP Business Desktop dc7100 small form factor and the dx6100 and dx6120 slim tower. The DVI ADD Card (part number DY674A) is compatible with the HP Business Desktop dc7100 convertible minitower, the dc7600 convertible minitower and small form factor and the dx6100 and dx6120 microtower.


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